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An emerging analytical services provider to several organizations across the India. ALR is a state of the Art Analytical Laboratory with built up area of 20,000 sq ft. ALR Analytical Services cater the analytical needs of Chemical, CRO, Pharma companies, research and academic institutions. To be the preferred analytical service provider by continuous improvement and maintaining good customer relations.

To enhance value to our clients, shareholders and employees by adhering to the core values of our company by providing the best analytical support. ALR Quality Policy is to provide reliable, timely analytical services at an affordable cost. We are currently offering analytical services to customers all over India

We can run gradient-based multi-dimensional NMR experiments such as COSY (correlation spectroscopy), TOCSY (total correlation spectroscopy), HMQC (heteronuclear multiple quantum coherence), HSQC (heteronuclear single quantum coherence), HMBC (heteronuclear multiple bond correlation), DOSY (diffusion ordered spectroscopy) and HSQC-TOCSY. High temperature (up to 450 °) melt state NMR is also available.

The NMR spectrometer at ALR Labs is capable of routine and advanced solid and liquid state NMR, allowing fully multinuclear and multidimensional experiments.

We can study common nuclei as 'H, "B, "C, "F, "Al, "Si, "P and 1"Sn, as well as less common nuclei across the periodic table, Our systems are equipped with up to three channels,

Pulsed field gradient, variable temperature controls (-150 to +150 °C), and a large variety of probes including highly specialized triple resonance probes.

In addition to solids, our NMR capabilities include gel-state spectroscopy and HRMAS (high resolution MSA) experiments for heterogeneous mixtures of liquids and solids

Analytical Services Microbiology Services
LC-MS Analysis Indoor air Quality Mentoring
MASS Analysis Microbiological Assays
X-RAY Diffraction Analysis Microbial Limit Test (MLT)
C.H.N.S Analysis Bacterial Endotoxin Tests (BET)
HPLC Analysis (Analysis and Preparative) Sterility Testing
GC-MS Analysis Antimicrobial Efficacy Test (AET)
GC-HS Analysis Water Analysis
Spectral Analysis (UV - Visible, FT-IR etc) Water Analysis Phase Study Test
Optical Rotation Analysis Vitamin Assays by Microbiology
Wet Chemical Analysis Clean Room Environment Monitoring
Analytical Method Development and Method Validation. MLT, BET & AET Validations
S No. Name of the Instrument Make Model
1 NMR with solid and liquid probes Bruker Ascend - 400 MHz
2 AAS Shimadzu AA - 7000
3 FT - IR Bruker ALPHA
4 UV - Visible Spectrometer Lab India UV - 3092
5 XRD Instrument Bruker
S No. Name of the Instrument Make Model
1 LC - MS Agilent Agilent - 1260 infinity
2 GC - MS Shimadzu Qp2010 ultra
3 HPLC (4 No's with UV, PDA, RID Detectors) Shimadzu Water Prominance - LC2030C 3D
Alliance - 2695
4 GC - HS (2 No's with FIX, TCD, ECD Detectors) Shimadzu
Perkin Elmer clarus - 580
GC - 2025
Turbo matrix - 40 empower
S No. Name of the Instrument Make Model
1 Polarimeter Perkin Elmer 341
2 Auto - Titrater Lab India TITRA+
3 KF - Titrater Lab India KAFI+
4 Melting Range Apparatus Lab India MR - Vis+
5 PH Meter Lab India Lab India
S No. Name of the Instrument
1 LAF Systems 1
2 LAF Systems 2
S No. Name of the Instrument Make Model
1 Thermogravimetric analysis TA Instruments TGA 550
2 Differential scanning colourimetry (DSC) TA Instruments Discovery DSC 25